How-to blue art deco card

I decided that the last post didn’t explain very well on how I created my art deco cards only using a few elements from the Hunkydory page and making this stretch out to making multiple cards from just the one A4 sheet.

I recreated the basic shape using my own patterned paper and pale blue card layered onto my gold mirror card.

I used the small fan shape to draw around on both pale blue and patterned paper. I then trimmer down the patterned paper to make it smaller and cut into the three scetions for the fan. This was then all layered onto my gold mirror card.

I used this technique for making the triangle shapes for either side of the topper.

I love to make my kits last that bit longer and enjoy being creative. I hope this post helped make the previous post a bit clearer.



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  1. Thanks for tips on how to make the deco card Fiona. I love the look of this girl with her parasol, but do find it frustrating that so often the writing obscures your pretty cards on this blog style. I have made a few deco cards but like the fan shape you piop on the top, not something I have done.

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    1. fibee5 says:

      when you mention writing obscuring the card do you mean the title over the main image? sorry you get frustrated with it but thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love creating and being able to share ideas on wordpress is wonderful 🙂


  2. Yep; that’s what I meant Fiona. Just me I am so nosey I study every detail when I see a new card. You will need to add a gallery of your pictures just for me lol.

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