A trio of foiled fish to make a shimmering sea themed card

Under the sea, under the sea… I couldn’t help but sing the song as I made up this card. So bright and cheerful and just good fun. Until I got to all the fussy cutting, it took a great deal of time to cut out the seaweeds and fish, I enjoy fussy cutting but even I began to wonder why I had decided to create so a complicated sea scene. Ah well I like the finished card so effort well spent really.

I would like to enter into a challenge over at TheCatsPajamas number 336 with a theme of sand sea and sky.


I talked in depth in a previous post about how I made my foiled fish so I will not bore you with a lengthy descripon, I coloured with crayons then added foil to a few scales before finishing with gel pens.

I was slightly tmpted to add foil or pen to a few of the seaweeds but worried about drawing attention from the beautiful fish so I simply stamped using blue ink both on the large piece of blue and a small piece which I fussy cut along the top edge and side. I do enjoy giving my cards layers and added depth with 3D foam pads.

Deciding that the one colour of seaweed was too pale and not textured enough I stamped the seaweed multiple times on a scrap of yellow/green paper and proceeded to fussy cut them all out. This was as I said very time consuming but worked far better with the colours of the fish and the square snipit of patterned paper that has so many different colours within it.

I tried to disguise most of the edges of the patterned paper and have the fish hiding amoungst all the seaweeds so I re worked the layout a few times before I was happy.


I added the small panel and light blue fish using my 3D foam pads and my card was complete. I might choose to go back and add a sentiment but I think the card is already very busy.


Thanks for stopping by it’s so wonderful to be part of a creative community and I hope to be joining a few challenges soon but for now I aim to keep making when I can and try to keep up to speed on everyone’s crafting.


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