Using my newset purchase to create an equestrian card


I got a great set from Kanban of equestrian toppers, borders and baking papers. It is a stunnig set with a huge range of differen’t horses in many shapes and sizes. I really loved coming up with this card idea.

I knew I wanted a tall card to use this amazing oval topper and as it was very narrow I decided to do intricate cutting and folding for my card base. I used a border from the pack to get an even border each side of the central panel making the sides just very slightly wider than my border. I folded the sides but they were a little uneven but thankfully the refold needed didn’t show at all few!


I then layed a backing paper over the top to cut it the same measurements to go on the front.


This is mostly done just the left side strip to be added. I layered the horse onto my gold mirror card and cut a narrow border by hand to match the border rom my Kanban kit. I really loved making this card and got to work on a much quicker card after.


Thanks so much for stopping by.


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