Foiled fish card, a calming ocean scene

You may well be glad to see a card that doesn’t have a mermaid but i’m afraid this is still a similar theme and a stamp from the same free set. Cardmaking and papercraft really does provide some great free gifts i  their magazine, I am so glad I subscribed.

I love the cute fish stamp and really enjoyed colouring them using just a few crayons to get a good base colour. I did a few fish at the same time colouring them in similar ways but with different shades of blues or greens.

Next I carefully added my glue allowing plenty of time for it to dry so I could foil with my shimmer pale blue foil.

I then went over each fish with gel pens and this helped hide a few tiny areas where the foil hadn’t stuck well. The difference between the foiled fish and those finished with the gel pens is huge and I am so glad one of the pens matches the foils colour so well.

I am glad to be doing much better with my foiling technique but I still look forad to buying a machine to help with accuracy and to give a better adherance of the foil.

So I now spent a great amount of time looking at my fish trying to think of some card design to use them on.

My foiled fish ready to be cut out and used on cards

In the end I used just one of my fish and created the sea scene using the shell stamps from the set colouring them very lightly with crayons to add some shading but keeping them fairly mute so as to let the fish really stand out on the card.

My basic layout idea

So now i needed blue and sand coloured paper or card and i simply added texture to my sand with a yellow pen making dots in the card that didn’t always show ink but left a great texture.

textured sand with shells

Before sticking down the sandy card I used the seaweed stamp and my blue ink to stamp two seaweeds that just fill a bit of the plain blue.

3D blue bubbles adding a finishing touch

So the final touch was to add some bubbles using my pearlescent blue 3D paint. I love the way it catches the light and adds a bit of depth to a mostly flat card.

I am very pleased with this finished card as I have kept it fairly basic without over crowding it with too many fishes. I also think it works well without use of a sentiment but as always I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for reading.


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  1. These fish, especially foiled like this, would be a fun mobile

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Oh what a fun idea! 🙂

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