Mermaid at the waterfall; a chalk and silver ink card

After doing a moonlit scene with a mermaid I tried again but this time wanted to create a waterfall in the background. I am slightly dissapointed with the finished look especially as the moon really does look like a sun.

s with my previous card I stamped using silver ink then coloured with a chalk before adding final highlights with my white snow pen. I don’t like the mirror so chose to try hide it again but this time the shell is out of proportion with her so looks very strange.

mermaid holding a shell

I also feel I should have planned better and stamped the mermaid first and masked her off before doing the water but this card wasn’t very well planned and despite its mistakes I did enjoy creating it.


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  1. I like how you have experimented, nice to see less traditional uses of a mermaid

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thankyou very much I love to experiment, think i might try stamping her on the black card and cutting her out to set her against a sunset sky.

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  2. Marina says:

    A very pretty effect.


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