split negative stamping to create blue and white cards

I came across a technique in a magazine and have been hoping to try it out but needed ink that matched my paper so struggled until recently when I got a huge bundle from Rare Earth that included 4 load and fold tools, blending brushes, stamps and ink. I love my stamping tool and really couldn’t ever have succeeded in this technique without it as accuracy is essential.


I was a little dissapointed when I realised that my blue ink was slightly darker than my blue paper but I am still happy with the card and esspecially glad of how well the two sides join up perfectly.

To create this card I alternated between having my white paper carefully stuck into my load and fold and my blue paper. Each time I positioned a new stamp I would first stam in white, applying the ink multiple times to get a vivid colour. Then i would keep the stamp on the tool and carefully swap my papers so that the same stamp would go on exactly the same place but this time blue ink onto the white. This was repeated with all the stamps to create my own wreath and sentiment and then left to dry before cutting each exactly down the middle so that I could match up one blue side wih one white. I love that i basically creates two cards at once and i loved playing with my new toys.


As I said the shades of blue were slightly different so I used what I had learnt for my second card. I was so pleased with how well the two halves match up (hopefully you can see even though my photo is very blurred)

The second card use a large stamp from rare earth but this time I used a different blue paper that bettwe matches the ink. I think i rushed it a little as the blue ink could have done with being re-inked to be more vivid and less patchy.


It was hard to decide what to decorate such a busy card with but in the end I used my mum’s butterfly cutter that wasn’t too delicate in it’s detail but added some texture to the card. I cut the butterfly in both coloured paper and cut it in half. I love the few pearl gems on the butterflies body and then a large sentiment on an oval balances the card well.

I really enjoy this technique but it would work a lot quicker with a single large stamp as the wreath took a great amount of time to position each stamp and keep swapping between papers.

As always thanks so much for stopping by, I love this cretive community.



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  1. These look great, such a striking stamping technique. I can’t do without my Load n Fold now

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Such a great tool and very glad to have gotten two for my mum 😊

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  2. I love what you did on this card. I am off to you tube to see if there are any demo’s there as I couldn’t quite follow your description of how you did it. Some seems like common sense i.e the front, but the stamping was baffling me (sorry it doesn’t take a lot for me to get lost lol).

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    1. fibee5 says:

      been thinking of doing videos myself as words fail me so often lol. hope you find a tutorial as it is great fun to do.


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