A trio of cheerful yellow cards

As I mentioned in the previous post I have many cards to show from when I went to visit family last week. My Mother has a great number of craft items that I just loved using so thank you mum for all the creative fun.


I painted a sunset background with watercolours hoping to create a sillotte card using ink on an embossing folder.

I used my mums tree embosing folder, unfortunately I must have gotten ink onto the wrong parts of the folder so I had to add a hude sentiment which in the end I really love the look of. The black was also very very faint so i had to go over with a balck pen anyway so it was a wasted effort to try the technique really.

I do like the finished card but it woud have been far impler to emboss and colour the paper as I did with my pervious bright card and not attempt ink onto the embossing folder.

The second card also uses an embossing folder. I loved using my mothers machine as mine is not large enough for such big folders to fit through, I gifted her all my large folders and took back a stock pile of embossed paper πŸ™‚ (win win really).


I really enjoyed picking out some of the circular details on the embossed image to stick my 3mm bronze gems onto. I then chose a banner of paper to add a bit more colour to the card and tried to match this colour with the ink i used on the flowers.

To ink the flowers I used one of my mother;s acylic blocks and a small flower stamp that came with the embossing folder as part of a free gift within issue 146 o papercraft essentials magazine. This meant that the flower matched exactly so the ink only went onto the raised areas of the flowers and was very quick and easy to do.


The final of three took a lot of time due to stamping then die cutting each small flower for the heart shaped wreath.


I first stamped the small flower onto yellow card and used the corresponding die to cut it out a number of times, as I said this took a great deal of time. The next task was to find a paper that went with such a bright shade of yellow. I loved this paper with autumnal colours, so warming and it helps to calm down the brightness of the yellow.

I next used a paper that faded through yellows and pinks to stamp and cut more of the small flower and finish off the decoration around the heart. I was glad my mum had a small leaf die so i could cut two at one pass through the machine but even so it took a great amount of time, esspcially as hers only had a tiny hole to poke the leaf out through and so it took much longer to organise all the flowers and leaves.

The bird is from the set that had the embossed tree and stamps of bird house, flowers and birds. I can really see why my mum finds this her favouite set as it is so much fun to work with. Instead of stamping on white and colouring in with pens as i did previosly, I stamped onto the same bright yellow and fussy cut, to add a bit of depth I stuck it down using foam pads.

I loved sitting beside my mum and we both lost many happy hours to crafting. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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  1. What a trio of beautiful cards you made! How nice it is that you and your mum share the same love of crafting, what a lovely way to bond. Does she show her cards somewhere too? I would love to see them. Cheers. Gwendolyn

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Unfortunately she doesn’t but I think she doesn’t think herself very good. She is slowly getting confidence. It’s great to share this with my mum.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. three very pretty ones here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚


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