Aqua and bright card trio using different card making techniques

Last week was half term break and I spent most of it visiting my family. It was great to see them and especially to meet my new neice and nephew, holding twins is such a joy. While down I did lots of card making with my mum who has also kept up with the craft and it was great fun sharing tips, ideas and being creative together. This post is the first of many showing cards made while down with my mum.


The starting point for this bright card was from issue 146 of papercraft essentials magazine that the die dutter is from. The die cutter is a reversed scallop circle designed to cut out the center of a stamped wreath that I hope to play with very soon. The idea to use the die to create a very different type of card caught my attention so I had to try it out myself.

In the magazine they used many pale papers that corresponded with a stamped flower center but I chose a very different colour scheme and size of card so once all the circle were cut and positioned I knew I couldn’t do the same stamping detail.

The card still needed something so I tried out one of my mother’s square dies that just look stunning when cut with the faux stitching and scalloped edge. I loved having so many new things to play with for my cards. I also took the opportunity to use different sentiment stamps (well it would be rude not to right).

I am not too happy with the final look of this card but still like the idea of using the circle to create a different card but perhaps plain and pale colours would work better so I may well try the technique again. It’s woderful to find that a die cutter meant for one purpose can have another one isn’t it.


I just can’t get over how simple yet stunnng this accordian card looks. I love that my mothers cutting machine is bigger and so cutting into the card was so very simple. I chose the card colour first then found the diamond paper to match and decided to add white paper aswell to pull out the white diamonds even more.


I first carefully marked the card into three sections and scored using my bone tool to give very crisp folds to my pearlescent cardstock. Next I used low tack tape to position a circle die at the top of the first fold and ran t through the machine. Next step is a bit more tricky but easier with a larger machine I think. I carefully placed the heart die down on the card while it was all folded so I could make sure it was in the center of the circle window. I then unfolded the circle flap and used low tack tape to keep the heart die in place before running it through the machine.


Then i realised that i should have stuck down the patterned paper so the heart window would perfectly match on both the patterened paper and the card but thankfully I got them to line up somehow, can’t remeber now i’m afraid but I do recommend sticking down the paper first then cutting the second panel.

For the third panel I used a small heart of the patterened paper stuck onto the card so it shows through the center of the two windows. Thankfully I decided before I had stuck it down that I wanted the white paper so I cut out a white frame for the heart window and trimmed down the middel from this frame for the matt of the tiny heart.

I might have stopped there but there was too much space at the bttom so I used a strip of the patterned paper that I had cut the smallest heart from, I love using the negative of cuts, nothing if ever wasted. I also felt the white was too much a contrast so I made faux stitching using an aqua green fineliner pen and decided to really push my skill limit by attempting to mimic the diamond pattern from the paper for the white heart frame. I feel it went ok but was not worth such effort so for the small heart I used simple short dashes for the faux stiching.

As you might tell I am super proud of this card and will probably make many more accordian cards with these types of windows as they are just great fun to make.


This is the third card in my trio, its more bright and colourful than my usual but I loved doing the paper piecing for the flowers and bird box and then mutting these bright papers with shading using fine liners. I am getting ahead of myself however, the first step was to run pale blue paper through my mothers embossing folder that creates a lovely embossed image of the tree and flowers. I chose to colour in the tree and lots of green textured grass with multiple green shades. I perhaps needed to add more shading to the green leaves on the tree.

The same set had stamps of flowers, birds and the bird box so i had great fun paper piecing the box and flowers using stamps onto coloured paper but for the birds i used white paper that I coloured in carefully in muted browns as I felt the card was already very bright.

My finishing touch was to use my embossing folder of clouds on white paper and then fussy cut two of the clouds for the sky. I love this cheerful card and as said it was so much fun to create.

Thankyou for stopping by and thanks to my dear Mummy for the fun crafting times.


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  1. That’s really nice that you can craft with your mum. Lovely cards, nice range of techniques


    1. fibee5 says:

      It is so very great to have this interest in common and I think it has made us feel closer. I even spotted a discount on something I knew she was wanting so rang her and now she has a stamping load tool on it’s way in the post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aren’t the stamping tools great! I love mine


  2. MrsCraft says:

    They’re all gorgeous, it must be nice to share craft time with your mum! 😊


    1. fibee5 says:

      It is great to have that time together 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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