Experimenting with zig-zag card making with a cat card

The photos I again really struggled with but hopefully they show the card well enough.

I recently got scorable adorable matt from Hunkydory and loved creating a few interesting card designs. This is the first of two zig-zag cards made with a pale blue card but note I made two cards with one A4 piece of card so very affordable.

I wanted a card that might work for males or females so dug out the cute kitten stamp.

I layered blue strippy paper and simply stamped onto this paper to keep it basic. For the message under the first flap I hid the banner stamp and kitten so when closed you only see a very small corner of the banner. To get the sentiments onto the banner I used masking to turn two stamps into a message that reads ‘happy birthday friend’ The happy birthday were close on the same stamp so needed masking off to move them onto the sections of the banners. I then used a stamp the reads ‘friends always’ so i needed to mask a fair amount for that banner.


I was so very happy with the final look of the message.

The double layered banners are blue roses but I do not feel this is too feminine to give to a male friend. Thanks for stopping by.


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