Another few Christmas cards made using red and gold

Why fight with tradition? Red just begs to be placed with gold especially when it’s Christmas cards. I recently made a red circle card but on the same day I also made these two Festive cards.


I love my new sentiment die and deicded to team it up with an old festive stamp using gold ink and then going over some snowflakes with gold pen and some with red. I desided to maks off the center for my sentiment but leaving it all white felt too bland so i cut a much smaller section of paper as a backing for the ‘Seasons Greetings.’ The border between the paper and the stamping felt too large so I carefully dreww in my stitched border using my red pen.

The second card again uses my new die set from TheWorks. You might notice the same stamp was also used, this happens alot with me I tend to make a few similar cards using the same stamps or cutters but I hope you agree that each card is still very different.


I love that I can now do foiling to a good level with use of my double sided tape. I created a very basic border on my card and then got some red card and stuck strips of tape along to foil a strippy pattern. I then used this card to create both the sentiment and a scattering of stars.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marina says:

    Yes I agree – this colour combo is traditional because it works! Lovely cards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you ☺


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