Watercolours and die cutting to create a CAS card in blues and greens


I love the Hydrangea stamp and decided to try watercolour the delicate petals. Getting definition and shadding was very tricky with each flower being so small but I am so very happy wih the final look and the pop of the yellow in the center of each flower.

I used a new die cut set from M&C Boutique that has 7 lovely leaves. I decided to cut out of a pale blue that had just a hint o green in the tone, turning the leaf cutter into a delicate meadow flower.


As I had paint left I highlighted the rounded ends with yellow paint. I liked curling one above the hydrangea and layering one slightly ontop but leaving a good deal of white space on the card.

All that was left was to stamp a sentiment but I chose to try stamp with my blue watercolours and thankfully the paint was thik enough to work well but be warned that often this technique just creates a blurred blob of colour as watercolours are so liquid.



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  1. So pretty,great CAS card

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you 🙂 I love relaxing with my paints

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  2. Very pretty card, I think you achieved what you were aiming for with the shading which looks good to me.


    1. fibee5 says:

      Thanks think I should stick to larger flowers though ☺ less frustrating


  3. PaperPuff says:

    The watercolours are great with the hydrangea stamp. Nice, floaty and feminine.

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