Two birthday cards; one with presents and one with many stamped sentiments.

The first card I would like to show is one I am not too happy with as it feels a bit too dark. I enjoyed creating this paper pieced. I used lots more of my scraps for this card and some black stick on jems so a basic and quick make.

The top section of each bow was stuck down on a small piece of double sided foam to give definition. I love to add a bit of depth to my cards.

The second card was a very fun make that required a lot of masking so that my stamps could be used together.


I don’t have a stamp that has ‘on’ or the word ‘your’ so i had to be very clever and used the end of soon from a ‘get well soon’ stamp. I used a few pieces of paper to mask my stamps, so the rest of the words and letters were stamped on the scraps of paper and not on my card.

For the ‘your’ I used a stamp with you and then made up the ‘R’ myself. I drew over all the words with my black pen and enjyed making the sentiments really pop on the page but I do hope to get some embosing powder as I have seen so many great cards with very vivid stamping.

The gold banner down the side of the card has a waving pattern that was pierced through the card using a pin. I enjoy the slight texture that paper piercing creates.



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  1. This is really fun, very effective


    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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