Planning ahead, making a few Christmas cards


I know it’s too early to think about Christmas but I want to make a lot of cards this year and so have given myself the aim of making a few each month. I hate to rush making cards so this way I get to play and experiment and make up lots of cards to then pick from nearer to the time.


I love making easel cards and this was good fun to make but I think the dark winter scene clashes with the pale whites of the two girls so I am unsure if this card will ever be used.


I may end up finding a way to save it by adding something, i hope i can at least save the Christmas trees as the fussy cutting took me a long time. It’s a good job I started making Christmas cards early as neither of these cards turned out how I wanted.

The second card again has a composition that clashes, the modern stamp doesn’t work against the images. This card may be easier to find a fix for however as I could cover the stamped area.


My photos haven’t really taken very well but the card used for the mat on the sentiment is a pale green not blue as it looks on my screen. I think a darker green would have been more festive so I may need to take more time on my cards so I am not so dissapointed with them.

It feels very strange to be making these cards now but hopefully I will end up with a good amount of cards to send to all my loved ones without any stressful crafting in December.


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  1. I like the pale mat on the bottom card, feels cold and festive


  2. PaperPuff says:

    Gosh, you are organised! I also think the pale mat for the sentiment is perfectly nice and works well with the rest of your card. But you would not be the only person who makes a card and then doesn’t use it. It happens!!


    1. fibee5 says:

      I have made a few more christmas caards today that I am much more happy with so this card may never be given out just kept to remind me of my mistakes and so i can see my improvement.

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      1. PaperPuff says:

        Yes. Good idea. If you aren’t happy with it then don’t use it. But honestly, it happens to all of us!


      2. fibee5 says:

        Oh good, glad i’m not the only one

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