Three golden cards with butterflies and birds and finishing each with embelishments.

I have been really hooked on card crafts and decided that I needed to put some posts together into one or I would never be able to finish my blogging and get back to my craft.

So here is three cards together in one post. The first is using vellum to create beautifully molded butterflies with stick on bronze jems. I possibly needed a bit more patterened paper against such a bold mirror card but i do love these delicate butterflies.

vellum butterflies on gold

I stamped my sentiment on white paper and used a few more of the same 3mm jems that were part of a large pack bought for 50p from TheWorks due to a huge sale they were having at the time. Now it costs £1 for the pack of over 200.

I didnt stop there as I decided to use a long strip of adhesives that are clear and a good deal larger.


The second card is using the negative from the butterfly cutters to create a nice border down the side of the card. I used a great number of my scraps to create banners and yet more stick on jems.


To help the negative really stand out I placed it against the gold mirror card. I love the use of jems and glamorous materials.

The final card is a bit different as it uses my bird cutter rather than a butterfly. The background card is from a paper pad from TheWorks for just £2 and has stunning glitter giving it a delicate shimmer.

The birds are cut from a lovely dotty paper that unfortunately the camera found hard to show well the birds seem a bit hidden on the photos but they do actually stand out against the beautiful glitter card.

I found that the top left was a bit too plain and the card didn’t feel balanced so I added some banners.20170422_192750

The light pink paper is from the same scraps used for the stamped sentiment this helps the card feel more tied together as a great whole. One of the banners is shaped to give movement to the card.



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  1. Very pretty. I like how simple but effective your layouts are


    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you I often over complicate designs so I am trying to be more simplistic in designs

      Liked by 1 person

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