A chalk board effect card using a cute rabbit stamp and butterflies.


One of my paper pads is a vintage set that has this beautiful black card. I initially tried the stamping in gold but my gold ink is not vivid enough so then i used silver and found that it almost looked like white chalk on a chalk board. A happy accident really but one i plan to replicate again.




I gave the edge texture by carefully tearing to reveal the white and then inked over the white with my silver ink. This card took very little time to create but i love the look of silver on black.20170428_164840

Along the bottom of the card I stamped one of my favourite sentiments and then pierced the paper from behind to create a textured underscore to the words. I struggle to keep cards flat as I love textures so much.20170428_164849

The butterflies work so nicely with the sweet rabbit, helping make this card super cute yet good for any age really. I do love my butterflies.

Thanks for stopping by, happy crafting everyone!


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  1. This really does look chalkboard-y, very effective

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    1. fibee5 says:

      thank you šŸ™‚

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