A framed kitten card on a dotty background

I enjoyed playing with the kitten stamp on my other kitten card that I couldn’t resist making another card with this super cute stamp.

I wanted to use muted colours and had hoped for a card that could be given to male friends. Once the card was complete I realised that the flower like frames created a subtle feminine look but ah well it was just fun to be creative.

I stamped my four kittens onto white paper and coloured the ears in with a pink and then used a pencil to lightly shade each kitten using some online photos for a little help to get shading looking nice on the first one and then simply copied what I had done to the next three.

The frames are actually a sentiment stamp that I stamped onto metalic card and left to dry before begining to cut them all out.

how to make the frame sentiment

The frames took a very long time to cut out as I needed to cut out the center using my craft knife and then carefully cut around all the outside curves with my scissors, by the time i got to my fourth frame I did begin to wonder why I had decided to create such a fiddly card. I love the finish look so I am not sad to have tried something different however with my husband still prefering the quicker to make card I think perhaps I will keep things more basic.

I do think the kittens look super cute peeking out from behind these frames.

Using the same stamp for the sentiment but using the dotty background for the frame and the metalic for the banner makes the whole card work well together. I really do love this simple kitten stamp so sorry if you guys get bored of seeing it.


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  1. The frames may have been fiddly, but they’re really effective

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you I was very happy with the final look 🙂

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