Meadow picin card using stickers and fussy cutting

This is a very busy colourful and layered up design but I just loved creating it. I started with the backing paper of a colourful meadow. I then used scraps of the same paper to cut out many flowers and butterflies to cover the top and bottom edges and to layer up the design.

zoom of meadow

As you can imagine all the cutting took a very long time but I enjoy getting lost in my craft. I snuck some cut outs behind the main piece of paper but most are stuck ontop some using foam pads to give even more dimension to the card.

I then used a sticker book to create my picnic scene, some stickers I first stuck on a pastle colour paper but for images I wanted at the back of the scene I simply stuck down onto the card. I loved stacking up the teacups with strawberries inside. I think I will use this idea again on another more simple card so it can stand out better.

zoom of picnic

As you can see some stickers are again stuck down using foam pads as I really wanted the card to have depth. I do think the card is lacking a focal point and is too busy but i did enjoy creating this summer scene, looking ahead to the warm summer days and tasty strawberries.

Hope this card brightens your day with summer fun, thanks for stopping by.


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  1. So summery! If you have any black card and a big sentiment die, you could try that for a focal point, just don’t stick it before you see if you like it. I can see Hello or Love or something else happy on this x

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    1. fibee5 says:

      I don’t yet have many dies so no sentiments as of yet but what a wonderful idea doing one in black against the colourful background. i love it! thank you so much for the creative idea.

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      1. I wonder if you could print one and fussy cut it? Then you can choose exactly what you want to say, and the size


      2. fibee5 says:

        I do love to fussy cut so might be able to do something like that. perhaps stamp a large basic sentiment and cut it out carefully

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      3. It’s worth a play

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