Three pink cards

I have been making a great number of cards over the two weeks easter holidays. Two of these are taking inspiration from the same sketch from a card making magazine and the final one is created by cutting out different elements by hand and layering up to create an almost scrapbook effect.

butterfly on flowered tiles card

I love the look of these long strips mounted onto a soft pink paper. The patterned paper is infact some very pritty wrapping paper that I kept and treasured waiting for a chance to re-use it. I have even attempted to copy the beautiful flowers with my watercolours but had little success. With such a beautiful backdrop I knew that my topper needed to be subtle and so I decided to stamp onto white paper just a single butterfly in flight and then used a curling dotted line stamp from a different collection just to give the butterfly the appearance of movement.

I tried to stamp the sentiment in the same purple ink but the words were not very clear so I stamped again this time using my black ink. The sketch I was following had two small banners and after much debate and moving around the elements on the card, i chose to place them peeking from behind the butterfly. I mounted both my stamps onto the same soft pink to help all the elements tie in nicely together on the card and then simply finished with a few stick on jems.

flower against pink embossed banner card

I like the simplicity of this second card, it loosely follows the same sketch but as the topper with the flower was a bit large I decided to not include any banners as when i tried they made the card feel unbalanced and too cluttered. As you can tell I was enjoying the use of my purple ink against pale pinks. The photo doesn’t really show up the strip of embossed butterflies and flowers but I felt it gave the card some subtle texture without overshadowing my minimalistic topper.

I love the sentiment as it implies I am thankful for all that someone is not for what they have specifically done for me. I love the idea of just being thankful ‘for someone’ not for how they benefit me. perhaps I am reading too much into the stamp thought.

flowers in watering can card

This final card took me a while to make as I cut out the watering can by hand and the flowers are cut from the left over wrapping paper which was tricky to cut due to it being a delicate paper. I then used an outline from a topper page to draw around for the two backing pieces. They layered so nicely together and really give the watering can a great focus on the card,

To balance the card I used a thick banner of the same wrapping paper chosing to have a flurry of flowers at the bottom of my strip and just the one little one hanging from the top. I am so happy with the overall look of this card and so pleased to find two different cards to re purpose old wrapping paper.

I still have a good amount of the wrapping paper left so I look forward to creating yet more card designs, if you have found ways to re purpose for card making please share in the comments below as I love to find out creative ways to re-use items. Thanks for reading!



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  1. Lovely cards. I like the way you’ve your recycled paper. I like making paper rosettes from recycled paper, then I don’t fret if it’s a bit scrumpled


    1. fibee5 says:

      It’s anoher great use for those scraps but i havent done many rosettes really

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