Watercolour flowers and dotty fun for two pink card makes

I have recently loved getting back into painting and find a great amount of inspiration on other peoples blogs. I loved a photograph of oriental flowers on Paul Militaru’s blog and decided to try capture the pink spicky texture.

I started with a green washed background adding very little shading as I knew the flowers would dominate the image.

I then began the stages of creating the starburst flowers going back over with many gradients of peaches, pinks yellows and whites. I really enjoyed watching the flowers take shape.

To create my card I backed the painting onto a vivid pink card deciding to place it at an angle and backed the pink card onto white. I stamped my sentiment using a pink metalic ink and added three dots of a lighter pink which i simply pressed with a hole punch.

I am very happy with the final look but I hope to soon make some cards with watercolours that are not so rich in colours.


The second card is based on the dots of the bird, I wanted to create similar coloured dots fr my card background and so got my hole punch out chomping through two tones of pink and also some white and off white. Deciding that it needed a bit of glitz I added a scattering of different copper and golded sequins playing around with the layout to try not over do the background.


I do think perhaps just adding the dots arund the sentiment and keeping the rest of the card a vivid pink might have worked to better effect but I am happy with the card.



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  1. Love the colours on your flower painting. Its such a coincidence, as I have been wanting to do the exact type of painting as I have a red packet that is decorated with a burst of colours much like those on your first card. Its a pity you didn’t take a video as I would really have loved to see how you did it! The polka dot card is great as you did it and I love the creative layout!

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Perhaps my husband can help me video my next attempt of this flower as I am sure I will revisit it when I enjoyed painting it so much.

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  2. PaperPuff says:

    I really like the spotty background here! Your watercolour flowers are so pretty too.

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you very much 😊


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