Wow I won something!

So I subscribe to Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and have been enjoying the amazing free gifts papers and just heaps of inspiration and new techniques to try out. I follow their facebook page where every Friday they do a post for us to interact with, perhaps to say our favourite craft time treat or share a photo of a card make. simple little interactions that then give you the chance to win.

I was amazed when I got a message back one week to say I had won the free magazine ‘Make special cards’ which is a brilliant magazine with so many free papers (30!) and 5 topper sheets and stamps. wow!!

Just look at all those fabulous freebies! So i got to work creating cards, forgot to mention there was also 12 cards with envelopes included so perfect to buy as a first set as no need to wait to get creating. So here are a few of my card makes yet I only used around 1/3 of the papers and toppers and haven’t yet tried out the new stamps so still plenty to play with.

Sorry about the poor quality photos but I wanted to give an idea of how much fun I was having these last few days. below is a photo of my favourite six cards so i hope that is a bit clearer to see.

top 6 makes with gift


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  1. PaperPuff says:

    Wahoo! Lucky you – what a nice win. And I am using the pc so I can see your lovely cards properly this time. Every one looks super!


    1. fibee5 says:

      I know it felt perfect timing too as I had set myself the tough challenge of not spending on crafts (except more blank cards or glue) for 3 months so now I have new things to play with yay!! Thank you for taking the time to look on your PC and I hope there is a way o sort out the tablet so it will show photos


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