Pink birds and pink butterflies, using my die cutters to create two feminine cards


I love the glittery rose paper but finding something to go with it was a bit of a challenge. I eventually took some hoops from my huge stash and a scattering of butterflies. The butterflies look a bit lost against such a bright background but I am mostly happy with this card.


This second card took a  lot longer to make as I couldn’t decide what to place in the bottom right corner. I started by staring at my negative cut in purple placing it against different pinks before deciding on the pale pink, I  feel the plain birds stand out well with such a busy patterened paper ontop. Next i chose the flower paper for the bottom half of thd page but on reflection perhaps keeping all the background plain pink might have worked better. Ah hindsight!

I may have to get myself a stamp with fly away on it to save writing out my own as it looks a bit scruffy and just detracts from the card. I  would be greatful for recomendations, do you have a stamp that works well with birds? Please comment below.

Do you think pale pink butterflies on the first card would have shown up better? It can be frustrating to look back at my makes but I do feel I am always learning. Thanks for reading.


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  1. These are both pretty.
    With the butterflies on your first card, I might have tried not putting them against the paper itself, but on the pink circular frames. You could have them overlapping the paper, but they’d probably stand out more against a simple colour.
    Your writing is very neat and effective, almost stamp-like anyway

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you for this thoughtful advice. I often play around with my elements but even so I end up making mistakes so i appreciate any tips. My writing is very rarely neat so thankyou

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      1. There’s no mistakes, learning curves maybe, but one of the great things about crafting is that there’s no right or wrong. Are you on Pinterest? I find it is great for ideas and seeing how other people have used a kit, die or stamp, even if I don’t use one of their cards I often use aspects


      2. fibee5 says:

        people do keep recommending pinterest but I find it hard to find time just to come here and blog and catch up on other blogs so not sure I could really but thank you!

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      3. Pinterest is addictive, but it is worth a look. If ever you do try it, look me up. I’m HazellovesCrafts on Pinterest


      4. fibee5 says:

        I will be sure to look you up and other wonderful people from here on wordpress. Our internet is very poor as we live in a rural area and with my husband working from home there are only a few times i can grab a chance to check out wordpress let alone other sites lol but may set pinterest up on my tablet so i can check it using wifi before or after work for 10mins each day. bet i would soon get addicted

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