Three of a kind: gold and pink using sunbeam technique and yes more butterflies.

I am sorry for my over indulgence in butterflies but you will be pleased to know that i now have a few new cutters and hope to soon be showing you my latest makes.

I made these pink cards a while back and was pleased how well they sold at my husband’s church, i got given a huge amount of praise and best of all raised over £30 for Hope for Justice in the two weeks that i brought my cards along. The feedback was great but raising money for the charity really made me feel like my little hobby could do some good.


The bottom of this card is made using the negative cut and the placing a medium sized butterfly inside the largest butterfly to give detail and texture. I love the brilliant shine that the golden mirror card gives in this card.


I like the side sunbeams and finding a nice use for the golden swirls left over from so many butterflies. On reflection i believe I have created an overly busy card.


This is another overloaded card yet at the time i felt it worked. Its funny how on reflection my cards can seem very different. I loved the use of a semicircle with three patterened butterflies but felt they got a little lost so i added the golden butterfly ontop of the middle butterfly. This is perhaps where i should have stopped but instead i added a great number of tiny butterflies. I guess I will always be learning what might work.

My favourite card is the first one,do you have a favourite? Any tips on being happy with your cards even on later reflection? Thanks so much for reading.


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