Stamping and layering up to make a flower and butterfly card

I got a new magazine recently as my husband very kindly treated me. The free gift was amazing with a selection of stamps including a large hydrangea stamp that i used to create this card.


I chose to use a pale blue spotted paper for my main panel. I used a scrap piece of card to practice using my new stamp and try out what layout to use. In the end i chose to use the small flowers to fill the bottom left corner but leaving a good space for my butterflies.


I initially tried out using a small leaf stamp but decided it didn’t really work out so I’m very glad i tested out my layout design.

I loved positioning the small butterflies to look as though they are landing on the hydrangea. Both butterflies are from a previous stamp set that was again free with a magazine. I used an old envelope to stamp out my butterflies and stamped again on cut offs from my spotty background. I used my crayons to colour some aspects of the butterflies and then cut out small sections of the dotty butterflies to glue in place creating a little dimension to the card.


As you can see i have not only used this layered up technique for my butterflies but also for a lovely small bird stamp. First stamping onto an old envelope then colouring in using crayons then just adding a dotty wing. This is a great way to use tiny scraps of card. As you can see you then end up with lovely layered designs but with a large bubble of the envelope showing through. To create a more clean look i simply stamped directly onto my card and recut each butterfly cutting off the antenna and the bodies of the small butterflies.


Here is a card made using both birds and butterflies and you can easily see how I have stamped in black ink dircetly onto the green patterened paper. The next step is to stick on the layered wings and bodies of the birds. Cutting out is slightly tricky but I love the flexibility and the depth this technique brings.


So now you can hopefully see how versatile this technique could be lets get back to the original card. Instead of using pencils to colour in my large hydrangea I used the small flower stamp and some old magazine pages in various shades of blue. Again this adds depth to the card and texture but it is fiddly to cut each flower out.


Finally I used the sentiment stamp from the hydrangea set and restamped the small flower again onto the magazine paper. Even with this sentiment and a large butterfly i felt the bottom of the card felt a bit empty so i simple cut three more flowers to stick in a small cluster. I am very happy with this card but i think the leaves needed to be paler greens. This card took me many hours of stamping and carefully cutting but I  feel it gives a unique look.


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  1. PaperPuff says:

    Ooh, this has worked a treat! I really like the idea of using old brown envelopes for a soft vintage look. I rather want that hydrangea stamp too now!

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you so much, i love to recycle to create my cards. The stamp was free with a magazine i got from my local morrisons of all places lol, i often have a look while my husband looks at the dvds. Can’t find the magazine atm but i think it was an issue of Papercraft Essentials maybe issue number 144. I got the magazine just for the large stamp. Thanks again ☺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. PaperPuff says:

        Sometimes the free gifts are the best part of a magazine!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. fibee5 says:

        Yes but i also love all the techniques and inspiration within, i have a subscription to cardmaking and Papercraft as it is packed full with ideas to try plus i love reading the letters sent in and seeing cards others have made with previous free gifts.

        Liked by 1 person

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