Making three golden butterfly cards at once


As usual I found my starting inspiration from the lovely creative people on wordpress. I loved the idea of layering up a die cut image to add depth to a card. Only having one die cut set means i am again writing about my butterfly cutters.

The three butterfly die cutters

So first i used some old green card to cut out a huge number of butterflies and keeping the scraps to later use as stencils.


I then chose a beautiful rose background that incorporates the green and decided on just one of each butterfly using gold card.


I cut my card base in half so that my golden card at the top would create a window. I love the different depths within this card. To add more continuity I used the spiral shapes from the butterflies sticking them around the roses carefully.

I am so happy with the final look of this first card with great colours. Sticking all the butterflies together was a bit of a challenge to keep them all perfectly aligned. I used different number of the green card butterflies to make three different levels.

I am so pleased with this window card

My second card uses a similar golden window but placing different patterened paper behind to make a large rose patterened butterfly and two golden dotty butterflies.


The gold mirror card was from BandM bargains for £1.99 and the paper is from two different pads containing a varirty of patterns that were both purchased from poundstrecher.


I felt the larger butterfly was needing more detail and so i chose to stick a medium sized golden butterfly within the window. I used the same rose patterened paper to create butterflies to place along the card flowing seamlessly from the dotty background to the mirror gold.


The final touch was to create a ribbon of gold to go along the bottom of the card but the straight line felt too harsh with all the gentle curves so i cut a few small butterflies from the right having the butterflies coming off the edge. I love the feeling of movement this gives the card.


The third card was made by using the stencil of the rose paper and two strips left from the gold dotty paper. To add a little interest i used paper from an old avon magazine to fill in some of the butterflies and cut out a few butterflies.

Pleaee let me know what you think of the cards, do you have a favourite?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. PaperPuff says:

    All three are very pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you very much, i feel i am improving all the time 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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