My first ever shaker card

I have seen a good number of shaker cards and keep saying that i will give it a go. Today i finally did and I think I’m hooked. I love the interactive element but i did find making it deep enough tricky so any tips would be great.

I started with choosing my glitter pink card to draw then cut a large 4 out of. This gave me an idea on colours to match with so i choose to  incorporate the patterened paper and some gold mirror card.  I feel this has made a more grown up card than I expected but i really love the gold and pink.


I also added a few beads in an old yoghurt pot to try gage how well they worked together and later i added the few pink heart sequins as well. I found adding a few at a time helped me get the balance right between pink and gold with also a few purple and pearl beads.The pink hearts stood out nicely being that bit bigger.


I cut the bckground pieces and stuck in place using double sided tape due to having lost my glue stick. If you could see my craft space you really wouldn’t be suprised but I would much rather start playing than tidy up my crafts. So anyway next I decide to round the corners of the number to better go with the gentle curves on the patterened paper.

I used the same gold mirror card to cut out some butterflies using my die cutters. predictably i got carried away and chose just four in the end for this card as i really didnt want to take the focus away from the shaker element. I always keep the cut offs from my die cutting to use for stencils or backgrounds for cards.


Once I was happy with my layout i stuck the medium heart onto the number using a strong craft glue and created the window by cutting some packaging from an old craft set and sticking in place with yet more double sidded tape. Now came the tricky part of building a wall around my window to keep all the beads in place. I did a double layer of foam and then carefully poured in my beads only to find that it wasn’t tall enough. Somehow i managed to do a third layer of double sided foam wihout sending all the beads flying but any tips on creating this barrier with more ease would be greatly appreciated.


Finally i stuck down the other golden butterflies using my strong craft glue and I have to say I am very happy with the result, all the colours work so nicely together and I think this card will really be loved by the little girl it was made for.


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