A cute teddy birthday card

I love stamping and so was super excited when this stamp was reduced in a local craft store to just 50p. A forever friends teddy stamp and cute sentiment wow! I got so many things that day that even now i have unopened treasures to play with. So back to the card at hand, it is yet another attempt at a card suitable for males as i find this a real challenge.



I got a bit steriotypical using blue as my colour. I love the starburst paper that i also used for the kitten card, the blue really shines out and works great with my 3d pearl effects in bright blue.

I used a large section of the starburst paper and decided to use the back of a piece from the same paper pad to stamp my sentiment and bear on to help keep a consistent colour on the card. I used my black ink and lightly coloured the bear using a yellow pen just shading the areas carefully.

There seemed to be too much space either side of my sentiment so I used very small strips of the star burst paper and then dashes of my 3d paint to really add some depth. I mounted this on pale blue paper and then used a small squate of the same paper for the base of the present. I used two colours of ribbon and a small bow from my set and I am gappy with the loom of the bear and present but overall think the card is missing something. I have also decided that the pale blue doesnt work very well  with the darker tones on the card.


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  1. Hi, as I assume from comments that you are in the UK, here is a little tip which may help your budget. Places like B&Q – Home Bargains etc that allow you to take wall paper sample. They make great backing papers, especially if you pick small ditsy type patterns or something unusual. If you pop into my blog a few days back I posted a lovely card with a lioness (cut from a magazine) and wall paper for the backing paper. As I make most of my cards for charity and I am also a pensioner making the best of everything helps stretch the pennies. Your cards are very pretty, so I hope you enjoy joining everyone in blogland.

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    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you very much for the tips, i read that article of yours and will most definitely be collecting some samples soon 🙂


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