A challenge to use flowers yet create a non girly card

Trying something different

I wanted to try create something a bit less girly for a birthday coming up. I actually found this a very quick card to make and very easy.

First i chose three patterned papers all in this muted gold and black. These were part of a paper pad from poundstrecher. I was very happy to find some paper that wasn’t all pink and frilly. I carefully cut the strips making sure the large rose on the right strip was nicly visible.

Matching three patterns of gold and black to my black stamped sentiment

To get a perfectly matching colour to stamp my sentiment i simply used the back of one of the papers. I love creating cards that are fairly basic and not needing lots of tools or expensive gadgets. This is a budget make as the paper pad was just £1 and the ribbon was part of a large set for only £1. I found that the black satin ribbon added a subtle shine to the card. This led me to realise that the writing didn’t stand out enough. Luckily i had just purchased a few colours of pearlescent 3d paint. Again these were very cheap to buy, its worth looking around for bargains my favourite shop is possibly The works but im getting off on a tangent.

As well as going over the writing with the 3d paint, i added a few leaves as i felt there was too much empty space either side of the message. I am very happy with how well the glossy paint works with the satin ribbon.


My final touch was to get some of my copper and gold sequins to add a bit of glamour to the card, i took my time to decide where best to position them then used a basic craft glue to stick each sequin. This got a little fiddly but it was very much worth it.

Have you ever tried to create a feminine yet not too girly card? I thought making cards for males was tricky but trying to find the balance here was for me a challenge. I love to add colour and soft curves  or delicate details so to try keep it simple was hard.




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  1. I really like how the kraft card colours make this muted and chic


    1. fibee5 says:

      Thank you very much ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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