Butterfly how-to using three die cutters

I am very  new to card making and love the inspiration and materials to be gained from my monthly subscription to a card making magazine. This month I got three die cutters that creat delicate butterflies, i was very keen to give them a go.

The three butterfly die cutters


I recently purchased some cheap patterened paper that i used for this card as I wanted to experiment with some cheap paper in case  the paper tore or didn’t cut perfectly. Thankfully because the paper was cheap and fine it cut very easily.

I matched the pattern to pale blue paper then a contrasting card. The card was better quality which had the effect of not cutting perfectly creating filled in butterflies that were more bold.

The matching of papers can take me a long while
I love experimenting with colorful butterflies.

I loved using the patterened paper that i had cut my butterflies from to create stencils that show one big cream, one medium blue and one small patterened butterfly. This also created more depth to the card.



Another card made using the cutters

I am very pleased with the end results of this card.


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